Class Change Concert

Student work heard throughout the school

Students in Denise Lutter’s sixth and seventh grade Digital Music class packed up a minute or two early and sat quietly. They were waiting to hear the end of class bell with unusual interest.

Friday, January 21, was what Principal Swiatowicz dubbed an All-Day Class Change Music Concert. Each of the school’s 12 class-change bells was created by sixth, seventh and eighth grade students in Lutter's Digital Music class.

Exactly at 10:26 a.m.—end of third period—the steel drum sequence written by sixth grader Gabriel Kaye played in every classroom, office and gym throughout the school. The Digital Music class broke out in applause!

In the Classroom

hands-on, engaging projects

Class-change bells are just one of the engaging projects in Digital Music. In December, sixth and seventh grade students created a digital orchestration of “What a Wonderful World,” accompanied by images that express gratitude for the people in their lives and opportunities that they have been afforded. Right now, eighth graders are working on public service announcements for which they are composing musical soundtracks.

Digital Music class plans to create new sets of music with different musical themes to be played at various times throughout the school year. Stay tuned! 

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