Art Show 2020

Welcome to the show!

As a middle school art department, we have never missed an art show. We are not about to let a little quarantine stop us this year. Please enjoy our “virtual art show” with your children, highlighting the exceptional work they did in school this year.
If you’d like to see our students’ work during distance learning, please check out our Instagram page @jjms_art678.
Jean Capuano, Kendra Collins, Holly Kellogg

Shapes, Zentangles, Planets, and Collage

Among the art units this show features is an exciting interdisciplinary pilot program between technology and art.

In technology, students explored our solar system using Gizmos. They used this application to study planet classification, planetary orbits, planetary periods, as well as Johannes Kepler’s three laws. In addition, students researched and created a PowerPoint presentation on planets, dwarf planets, moons, and more.

Students brought what they had learned to Kendra Collins’ art class. They worked in teams to create a scale model of our solar system. Along the way, they learned about the history of science in art, and gained skills using polymer clay and plaster.

Grade 8 | Kendra Collins

Grade 7 | Holly Kellogg

Giant Flock of Fantastic Birds

The Bird Sculpture Project showcases students discoveries about themselves as well as learnings about color theory and the use of symbolism.

After exploring some of their own individual characteristics through guided activities, students learned about the concept of symbolism and how different elements of an artwork can convey an idea through non-verbal communication. Students each designed a bird that uses symbolism to convey three things about themselves and execute that design using wire, Paris Craft and paint.

The project also includes a written reflection on what each student learned about themself. 

Graphite Still Life and Character Strengths

Young artists created a Graphite Still Life, demonstrating their knowledge of the contour line, one-point and two-point perspective and how to use the different types of drawing pencils to create a range of value to make objects look 3- dimensional.

All 6th grade students also participated in an interdisciplinary unit on Character Education in their Unified Arts classes, exploring a central question,“How do the values we live by make our school community a positive environment for everyone?” Students created word art to represent a positive character strength such as honesty and responsibility that they determined was important to incorporate into their lives.

Grade 6 | Jean Capuano