Ancient Greece

Sixth grade students dressed in chitons for the distance-learning version of their Ancient Greece simulation, led by the Goddess Hera from Olympus (aka Marcia Daley-Savo)!

This is a favorite unit, in school and at home! Students adopt a new Greek identity assigned to a specific city state (polis). This year, after researching their city state, students created videos to introduce themselves,  explain their occupations and what their city-states are known for.

During the live lessons, students had virtual meetings by city state to complete polis challenges together, such as creating a polis chant, flag, virtual handshake, explained Daley Savo. All of the challenges earned the teams drachma dollars. The polis with the most money at the end won.

"Through this simulation, the students learned about the geography of Greece and how it impacted their development as a civilization, the achievements of the Greeks, the social structure, the mythology, the various forms of government of each of the polis’s and the development of democracy," said Daley-Savo.

"A huge bonus is that gives the kids an opportunity to connect and socialize while being socially distant."