Building Identity / Understanding with Empathy

Students begin the year considering the concept of identity. Through class discussions, activities and reflections students are tasked to identify and explore what they believe in, care about and choose to work towards.  

"The students' exploration of identity is connected to their ability to learn about and understand others with empathy," said Melissa Brady, Home and Careers teacher. "This is part of the 'skill build' for the Unified Arts curriculum on identity."

"After students create a personalized collage, they apply their understanding of identity, needs, values, and goals to others," said Brady. "In our user-centered design unit, we  work on developing the ability to observe, empathize, ask thought-provoking questions, communicate, and make use of feedback in our work.  Imagination and innovation are celebrated as students apply these skills to create solutions and prototypes for fictional characters with real human needs."