Wolves for Water

Students Raise Money, Make Memories and a Start a Middle School Tradition!

Someone is going to want to make a movie about Wolves for Water, the first year. It couldn’t have been any better. Bleachers were packed with students and parents. The faculty team, led by middle school teacher and high school basketball coach Tyler Sayre, seemed tall. But what the 8th graders might not have had in height they made up for in speed, numbers and commitment to a good cause.

The exciting contest was a middle school fundraiser to help drill a well in South Sudan. It was inspired by a book read by John Jay sixth graders each year—A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, which tells the story of two Sudanese children whose lives are dramatically improved by access to clean water. Teachers Kathy O'Neil and Nicole Esterow helped channel students’ desire to help into a fundraising effort that involved the whole school.

more turnovers than an english bakery

Yet the game had more turnovers than an English bakery during the morning rush. With quick steals and impressive passes, the students nearly matched the faculty basket for basket. The scoreboard showed 11 teachers to 10 students at halftime. Then, 23 to 20 with two minutes on the clock. It was 23-22 with less than one minute to go when Patrick Ryan hit the game-winning shot for the 8th graders! Skyler Monasch was the MVP, scoring 7 points for the 8th graders. Final score 23 teachers - 25 students!

congratulations, students!

“Some teachers are really good—it’s surprising,” said middle school student Ainsley Graham afterwards. “It was fun to cheer for them.”

“This was so exciting,” said middle school parent Michelle Pedreyra who was rooting for the 8th graders. “The kids have been talking about it for the past two weeks! It’s great for them to see their teachers outside of school.”

Perhaps some of the best news was reported by O'Neil and Esterow later in the evening. Wolves for Water had raised $3,072.