Wind Ensemble

Purposeful, professional rehearsals

Students stream into the spacious music studio in the performing arts wing of John Jay High School with a sense of purpose. There’s little chat as the thirty-three members of John Jay’s Wind Ensemble prepare their instruments, warm up, and are at the ready when conductor Jared Henderson begins rehearsal. “Let’s look at measure 27,” he directs them, and lifts his baton.

The ensemble’s first concert in over a year is on January 11 and the student musicians are working hard and excited. Henderson is pumped, too—the professional bassist and music educator arrived in the district last year--a time of hybrid learning and no live performances. The January 2022 concert, which includes Concert Band and Symphonic Band, also conducted by Henderson, will be his first concert with John Jay High School!

preparing for January 11 concert

John Jay's premiere wind and percussion ensemble

Wind Ensemble is the premiere wind and percussion ensemble of the school. It requires an audition with Henderson prior to registering. The focus is on advanced literature, ensemble technique and individual development through rehearsal, performance and small group instruction.

"A Little Tango Music"

Refining dynamics and articulations

The students play a segment one of the pieces they’re preparing for the concert, “A Little Tango Music” by Adam Gorb. Henderson points out that it’s music to dance to, which helps them feel the expression the composer intended.

“Continue to focus on creating distinct contrast between each dynamic and type of articulation in the piece," said Henderson as the bell rings. Pride in the students' work shines through his voice.  

"Excellent work on the dynamics and articulations.”