Top Honors for the Class of 2024

Congrats to Valedictorian Alice Cai and Salutatorian Shayna Kar!

Cheers were heard through John Jay’s halls when Principal Steven Siciliano announced the top honors for the Class of 2024: this year’s Valedictorian is Alice Cai and Salutatorian is Shayna Kar! He also congratulated Alice on being a National Merit Scholar semifinalist.

“We are proud of their accomplishments and all that they bring to the student body at John Jay High School,” said Dr. Siciliano.

Friends since Middle School

Well-rounded students

Alice and Shayna describe themselves as well-rounded students—they like all subjects and are both part of John Jay’s Science Research program.

  • Alice's SciRe project: The Effects of Senolytic Agents on Endometrial Stromal Cell Decidualization.
  • Shayna's SciRe project: The Use of Natural Language Processing in the Detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease.

“I like learning and asking questions,” said Alice. “John Jay has fostered that. There are so many teachers who support us in challenging ourselves.”

Shayna agrees. “We are in a lot of the same classes,” she added.

Violinist and Student Trustee

Shayna is a violinist in John Jay’s Orchestra, on the Executive Board of Campus Congress, Co-Secretary of Student Council and Co-president of Tri-M, a member of LEAD JJ. She also plays Varsity Tennis and is the Student Trustee on the Board of Education this year 

The Katonah Library is one of the places that Shayna loves in Katonah-Lewisboro. "I volunteered at the Katonah Library in the summers before and after my freshman year," said Shayna. "I enjoyed talking to the patrons." She also volunteers with the Lipliekha Bangla Association and at the Westchester Medical Center in the physical medicine and rehab unit, and is a teaching assistant with Kumon. 

While Shayna knows that she'll miss seeing her friends and the teachers at John Jay High School, she's excited about the next steps in her life. 

Best wishes for next steps!

While the two scholars have been friends since middle school, they are heading in different directions in the fall: Valedictorian Alice will be attending the University of Chicago; Salutatorian Shayna will be attending Vanderbilt University. Congratulations and best wishes!