The Freshman Play

Experienced seniors have the opportunity to be directors

Ninth graders look delighted to have a high school production just for them. Rehearsals start with theater games—today, the name game. They stand in a circle, senior directors, too, and have fun. Everyone is comfortable. “Let’s pick up the pace,” co-director Katie Gebbia tells the students. Timing is the secret to comedy, and humor is a large part of “The Revenge of the Space Pandas” a science fiction play by David Mamet.

The Freshman Play makes way for newcomers to John Jay's close-knit theater community.  All roles in the annual production—actors, stage crew, stage manager, lights and costuming are all filled by ninth graders. The directors—this year Katie Gebbia and Jonah Linz—are seniors, assisted by junior director Paul Newcomb. It's an exciting learning experience for everyone. 

JJHS Theatre Workshop's all-freshman show!

This is why you're going to love this show!

Developing Students' Acting and leadership skills

Show of hands—who has been in school productions before? It can be as far back as elementary school and as recent as the annual musicals and dramas at John Jay Middle School. Every hand goes up. The procession of theater in Katonah-Lewisboro School District builds skills, nurtures talents, and develops leadership.  In four years, two of the students in "The Revenge of the Space Pandas" will be directing The Freshman Play.

"The Freshman Play is a wonderful opportunity for experienced seniors who have devoted countless hours to theater throughout their high school career to experience what it's like on the other side of the stage as a director," said Amanda Urban, the teacher-liaison for the play. "It's also a great way for freshmen to be introduced to the high school theatre department — through the leadership of their upperclassmen peers."