Student Art at KMA

Faye Tobin, a senior in John Jay High School’s AP Art and Design program, set out to explore emotions through color. This is how she describes an early step in her process: “I photographed a room in my house when the sun was shining and the room felt airy and light, then again at a time when the sun was down and the mood was dark and dense.”

Her investigation became a watercolor that combines elements of both photos to illustrate conflicting emotions. Faye’s painting, called "Out of Place," is one of 350 pieces by seniors from more than 30 regional schools in the Katonah Museum of Art’s Young Artists Show. Other John Jay seniors in the show are Audrey Campisi, Robyn Graygor, Molly Hickey, Owen Hughes, Lainie Ingersoll, Walter Kreutzer and Lauren Mullaney.  Like Faye, each are in John Jay's  AP Art and Design program.