Somers Science Fair

Science Research -- a rigorous and rewarding program

“The Somers Science Fair provides the sophomores with a chance to present their learning and proposed experiments in a poster format and practice the important skill of scientific communication,” said Ann Marie Lipinsky, Science Research Teacher at John Jay High School.

The students are judged by professionals and graduating seniors in the Science Research program, including thirteen from John Jay High School.

"It's a chance for the seniors to give back to the program and to support their younger peers," said Lipinsky.

Science Research begins with a 10th grade course that teaches students how to conduct peer reviewed literature searches on a college level. The second year of the course focuses on developing and implementing research plans with the assistance of a mentor. By the final year of the program, students analyze collected data and present their findings for review and critique.

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John Jay High School’s sophomore winners

  • 1st Place Computer Science - Kyle Dickson
  • 2nd Place Cellular and Molecular Biology - Rishabh Vuthmaraju
  • 2nd Place Engineering - Lucas Eberhardt
  • 2nd Place Environmental Science  - Grace Mango
  • 3rd Place Animal Science - Nathan Potash
  • 3rd Place Engineering - Alexandra Edelman
  • 3rd place Medicine and Health - Lauren Mullaney

The other participating sophomores: Sophia Gil, Sophie Guo, Amelia Landis, Caroline Lasota, Madeline Panek, Maya Schwartz and Remi Sandell.