The Skiers' Edge

The forecast for the State championships at Bristol Mountain is snow and a strong showing for John Jay/North Salem!

Chris Marchini kicked out of the start and, leaning hard, cut down the south face of Hunter Mountain, slicing through the gates of the giant slalom. It was his second run in Sectionals. He knew it was a good run, but only at the bottom did he learn that he’d shaved 1.17 seconds off his time--enough that he qualified for States, along with teammates Rosie Binette (North Salem), James Bysshe and Luke Spieler.

In a season marked by a lack of snow and a lot of ice, the John Jay/North Salem ski team has been consistently strong. What’s their edge?

“In the beginning of the season, there was no snow, and we did extra weeks in the Fitness Center,” said Crivelli. “There were a few weeks where it was back and forth—on the mountain, back in the Fitness Center.”

“For alpine skiers, we focus on lower body and core strength so they can better control their own body weight,” said Christian Tsakanikas, John Jay’s head athletic trainer/strength & conditioning coach, who works with the ski team alongside the coaches.

The skiers had access to new tools in the Fitness Center, too, thanks to the advocacy of Christian McCarthy, Katonah-Lewisboro’s director of health, athletics, physical education and wellness. In addition to a new row of air bikes, the Fitness Center also has its first eight skiErgs—machines that help build a skier’s powerful push out of the starting gate.

“Coach Crivelli and Coach Collea get us on the mountain as much as possible,” said Chris. “We’ve worked hard. We’re ready for States!”