Well done, team

John Jay brought home medals in two categories: Herpetology, earned by Serena Chen and Molly Siegel, and Materials Science,  earned by Guy Pillon and Jordan Schwartz.

Team members:

  • Seniors: Lane Carbaugh, Samuel Chen, Guy Pillon
  • Juniors: Akshay Amin, Justin Chang, Serena Chen, Amanda Huang, Angela Huang, James Lucassen, Evelyn Mullaney, Athena Ohnemus, Jordan Schwartz, Molly Siegel
  • Freshmen: Sophie Guo, Amelia Landis


  • Victor Aoki (parent), Linda Rachele Burke, Daniel Carleton, Matthew Funnell, AnnMarie Lipinsky, Anna Trieller, Caroline Weldon, Steven Zoeller