Meet John Jay's Science Research Seniors

A program steeped in scientific method and self discovery

John Jay High School’s Maya Nitta lights up when she talks about her experience working in a medical research lab. “I loved getting to be hands-on,” she said, noting that she looks forward to studying biomedical engineering in college. “Analyzing data collected on people who’ve experienced a traumatic injury reconnected me to my early interest in brain science,” said Sophia Lind, who taught herself to code in R-Studio in order to do the statistical computing required. “Science Research affirmed my interest in field biology,” said Byron Wilson, a runner, biker and fisherman who researched tick populations at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

These are just three of the seniors in the school’s Science Research program who gained scientific skills and learned about themselves in the process.


Other important days on the SciRe calendar

Spring is competition season, beginning with the Westchester-Rockland Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (WRJSHS) hosted at John Jay High School on January 28. SciRe seniors, and juniors who have already collected data, compete at the regional fair for a place at the State Junior Science and Humanities Symposiums.

The students will also participate in the Regeneron Westchester Science & Engineering Fair on March 18 and the Tri County Science and Technology Fair on April 5.

WRJSHS will be a particularly meaningful event for the seniors

“It will be very exciting for SciRe seniors to experience the collegiality of a science fair,” said John Jay’s Science Research teacher Ann Marie Lipinsky. “When they were sophomores, schools and labs closed and it became exponentially more difficult to work with a mentor in a lab. These students have shown extraordinary commitment, creativity and persistence to complete their projects. This year will be the first year they present their work in a setting other than our own school symposium.”