Outstanding Educator Award

Emilia Camporese recognized as Outstanding Educator

Dr. Siciliano saved the news that Emilia Camporese had received an Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Chicago for the beginning of the October 8 faculty meeting. When he announced the award, Camporese's colleagues gave her a standing ovation!

"The best reward for educators is knowing the impact they have on students," said Dr. Siciliano. "However, our profession being so future-oriented, it’s always difficult to know the scope of one’s impact on a student’s journey. That’s why such recognition from one of Ms. Camporese’s former students attending the University of Chicago is so gratifying. It is both high-praise and a high honor to receive such recognition as we’re equally proud of our graduated student’s desire to give back and recognize his teacher in such fashion. We’re extremely proud of her and her accomplishments as a member of the John Jay High School faculty."

Emilia Camporese has been teaching at John Jay since 2000.  She currently teaches Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry and Forensic Science.