Math Art

A gift from a john jay senior to her elementary school

In the future, some students might be prompted to look at their feet to recall their multiplication tables because Increase Miller Elementary School has just installed colorful number facts on the some of the floors!

The number art is a gift from IMES alum Erika Rajovic, now a senior at John Jay High School. “She worked with a team to develop, create, fundraise and produce these great math visuals for our students,” said IMES Principal Kerry Ford.

On the way to their classrooms, students follow a path of large colorful numbers—1 through 12—each one filled with that number’s multiplication table. In front of the backpack hooks and cubbies are big, colorful bar graphs of fractions.

IMES alum Erika Rajovic

A girl scouts' gold award project

Erika named the project "Love2Math: Learning of Visual Equations 2 Master Arithmetic." She developed it as part of her work towards the Girls Scouts’ Gold Award, which requires participants to develop and carry out lasting solutions to issues in their neighborhoods.

She researched how visuals make learning and remembering smoother and decided to create something that was fun and educational for students as they walk through the hallways. “I have always wanted to give back to my school in some way,” said Erika.