John Jay Students Head to the Upstate New York Science Research Competition

Congratulations to seniors Heather Sherr and Mikaela Marcotullio for placing second in their categories at the 17th annual Westchester-Rockland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS). They will head to the 34th Annual Upstate New York JSHS as speakers and compete for a spot to go to Nationals. The symposium is on Wednesday, March 27 and Thursday, March 28 at the University at Albany.

Heather's work is on metabolic memory in diabetes: the effect of high glucose and fatty acids on heart cells. She was named a Regeneron Science Talent Search Semi-Finalist for the research earlier this year. Mikaela is studying the white nose syndrome in bats. She did her work at the Rosedale mine in upstate New York

Seniors Amanda Huang and Will Hasapis placed third in their categories and will present posters at Upstate JSHS.  Amanda's project is on using materials to capture carbon dioxide and then convert it to fuel to power the process as a way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  Will's project is on determining the optimal wave-length of light for bio-diesel producing algae.

Senior Jordan Sandell placed first in her poster category.  Jordan studied the effect of highlighting on memory in college students.

The University at Albany sponsors the Science Research in the High School program.

More than 110 schools in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut use the Science Research program to involve students as legitimate members of the research community. Students draw mentors from a wide array of professional research institutions both domestic and worldwide. In addition, many of the students take the Science Research course for college credit in their Junior and Senior years through the University at Albany's "University in the High School" program.