Frank Noschese Receives 2018 Paul W. Zitzewitz Excellence in K-12 Teaching Award

 Frank Noschese currently teaches College-Preparatory Physics, AP Physics: Mechanics, and AP Physics: Electricity & Magnetism. He is involved with the Innovation Cohort, and serves on the district Staff Development Committee and the Technology Committee.

 "I am honored to receive this award which recognizes that being a great teacher is about fostering inquiry, taking risks in the classroom, and sharing ideas," said Noschese. " I am thankful for the tremendous support I've received from my administrators, my colleagues (both real and virtual), my students, and their parents."

"We are very proud of Mr. Noschese’s accomplishment,” said Superintendent Andrew Selesnick. “His focus on inquiry work in the classroom is just what students need to be experiencing in 2018 so that they’re taking increasing responsibility for their own learning."

 Noschese is an inspiration for hundreds of physics teachers across the world. His very popular teaching blog, ActionReaction, is a treasure trove of excellent teaching ideas, and lessons that are useful for both novice and experienced teachers. His ideas have had a tremendous influence on the larger teaching community. For example, his Noschese 180 teaching blog, which he started by taking one photograph related to his teaching each day, and posting it with a short caption turned out be incredibly powerful—these short reflections shared tremendous teaching ideas. Many of these ideas were taken up by physics teachers around the world, and the blog became a powerful tool for professional growth for dozens of teachers.

Noschese has been incredibly active in engaging larger conversations about teaching pedagogy. He is an outspoken defender of inquiry learning and the thoughtful use of technology. His post explaining how using $2 whiteboards made from tile board can be powerful tools for dialogue and collaboration in class, even more than $2,000 interactive whiteboards won an Edublogs award for the most influential blog post of 2010. In addition to many sectional AAPT invited talks and a TEDxNYED talk, Noschese has been featured on numerous news programs, including MSNBC discussing the power of actively engaging students in inquiry. In all of his communication and advocacy, Noschese is a positive voice for the pivotal role of the teacher in the classroom.

He is a member of the New York State Master Teacher Program which fosters collaboration among New York's outstanding STEM educators and offers high-quality professional learning.  He was given the 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. In 2017 he received an AAPT Fellows Award. MORE.