Students love PE because they get to play

“Make a big circle,” Coach Savastano called out to the kindergarteners. “Really spread out! We’re going to play some games!” The children’s eyes lit up. It was the first day of school at Meadow Pond Elementary and this was their first physical education class. Everyone was excited to be outside in the sunshine.  “When we’re in a big circle, you can take off your mask if you want and put it in your pocket.”

Physical Education class is always a favorite of elementary school students because they get to play. Now, there’s another reason to love it: while outdoors and more than 12 feet from one another, students can take a break from wearing their masks.

As Coach Sav called their names, the kindergarteners ran around the big circle made by their classmates. Next, they spread out on one side of the blacktop. Coach asked different students to demonstrate skipping, hopping and galloping. Everyone went the length of the playground any way they wanted.  The class ended with a stretching session.

“We are teaching the kids how to get their heart rate up, to do a little strength training and stretch,” said Coach Sav. This week, the elementary students started a soccer unit. 

“Our goal is to get students outside and get them moving, as well as create an inviting and safe environment for social interaction,” said Chris McCarthy, the district’s director of health, athletics, physical education and wellness.