Katonah-Lewisboro Actively Supporting Home Use of Online Learning Platforms

Katonah-Lewisboro is actively supporting home use of online learning platforms. More than 100 parents attended evening online training with district staff developers for SeeSaw and Teams on March 30. KLSD tech support has created an email specifically for parents and students’ use - studenthelpdesk@klschools.org - and is available for individual home-help sessions.

District devices are also being sent to students by request. During the first three days without students, the technology department distributed over 200 mobile devices for families before the campus was officially closed. Since then the Technology Department with help from O&M have delivered over another 100 devices via the UPS.

Teachers are continually learning and growing, too. Dozens of teachers attend professional learning opportunities with staff developers offered each day on educational technologies including Padlet and Microsoft Forms. More than 45 teachers attended a session on March 31 with Cunningham, who shared a simple model for online lesson design. Many others brushed up on the online resources offered by Pearson’s Envision 2.0 math program on April 2.

“We’re three weeks into a situation that is evolving and will continue to evolve,” said Superintendent Selesnick. “We are putting structures in place so that students have clearly delineated ways to reach teachers, to ask questions and to get valuable feedback on a regular basis. This will allow teachers to provide instruction in a way that is sensible, meaningful, and manageable for everyone.”