Everyone works together

This year, ELL students from the middle and high school visited the Connecticut Science Center. Katonah Elementary School’s ELL students visited the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, while educators from the Norwalk Maritime Center will visit ELL students at Increase Miller and Meadow Pond Elementary School during a summer enrichment program.

The field trips are paid for by a Title III federal program designed to support and provide enrichment for ELL students. KLSD also uses the funds for remedial after-school programs for grades K-12 and purchased new iPads for the ENL department.

Jaimie Dini, ENL teacher at the middle school, picked the Science Center as a destination because its interactive exhibits relate to science content across the grades. Dini,  Altman, and Vincent Bell, Assistant Principal of John Jay High School, led the trip.
"The students really enjoyed the field trip," said Altman. "It was very hands on. Students made paper airplanes and built things with legos."
Isabel Di Marco, ENL teacher at Katonah Elementary School, led the field trip to  the Intrepid with twenty-eight students and a half-dozen parents, some of whom spoke little English.  

“The children loved the New York City experience of visiting the Intrepid Museum,” said Di Marco. “It created an enthusiasm and a desire to learn more about the American air and space race. They were fascinated to hear how the sailors lived in the submarine. The children also enjoyed exploring the space shuttles. Their excitement carried on for days after the trip!”

“Our English Language Learners are part of the Katonah-Lewisboro community,” said Vincent Bell, the informal liaison to the program district-wide. “The district has been wonderful in the level of support provided to these students.”

“Everyone works together to make it happen for the children,” said Sandra Costin, a district elementary ENL teacher.