District Celebrates 25-Year Employees!

"Thank you for your dedication to the students and families of KLSD!"

Congratulations to all 25-year employees of Katonah-Lewisboro School District! They were each honored by their school principal or department head recently, as well as highlighted by Superintendent Selesnick during an all-staff meeting prior to the school year.

JOHN JAY HIGH SCHOOL: Debbie Fried, Secretary; Patricia Bragdon, Social Worker

JOHN JAY MIDDLE SCHOOL: Katrina Costello, Special Education Teacher; Paul Ciancio, Social Studies Teacher; Joseph Mammoser, Physical Education Teacher; Catherine Smollon, Math Teacher

MEADOW POND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Jason Briggs, Elementary Classroom Teacher; Mark Grossman, Elementary Classsroom Teacher; Keli Mazzoni, Elementary Classroom Teacher and RTI Teacher; Jacqueline Kovatch, Elementary Classroom Teacher

KATONAH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Kimberly Buckley, Elementary Classroom Teacher; Lynn Swee, Special Education Teacher

INCREASE MILLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Shelly Rieger, Elementary Classroom Teacher

TRANSPORTATION: Terry Clarke, Bus Driver; Brian Breese, Bus Driver and Mechanic

Kindergarten teacher Jackie Kovatch opened her anniversary gift with her class.

"it's huge!" "It's beautiful." "I can see myself in it!"