Meadow Pond Elementary Students Write to Mr. Trump About New Cabinet Position

  Students in Mrs. Pickett’s fifth grade social studies class have sent a package of letters to President Elect Trump. Each one recommends that he appoint a Secretary of the Future, a position that only Sweden currently has in its government.

“Sweden’s Secretary of the Future advises the government about the possible long-term impacts of policy and law ideas, beyond the short terms that people in the government serve,” said Pickett, who heard about this unique cabinet position in a story on National Public Radio. 

Not only did students put their knowledge of the U.S. government and citizenship into action, they learned how to write a business letter that included the following things:  an introduction, including who they are, and why they are writing the letter, a statement about why they believe having a Secretary of the Future in the Cabinet is important, the particular issues they are concerned about as U.S. citizens, and finally, a closing paragraph to wrap up their thinking.

“It will be good if someone will have ideas for twenty to fifty years from now so we don’t have problems in the future. If you remember the Clean Water Act in 1975, it helped us with clean water then and now,” wrote Cameron.

Aisling wrote to President Elect Trump about poaching. “Someone needs to fix this problem because if people continue poaching then the population of animals could drop dramatically and that could affect the food chain.”

“Younger kids are concerned about gun violence, terrorism, immigration and a lot more. We are concerned because these horrible things could happen in ten, twenty, or thirty years when we are living adult lives,” wrote Mikaela.

“I hope you do well. The whole country is depending on you to make great improvements in our country,” her letter closes.

"Students were extremely excited about actually sending real letters to the president-elect,” said Pickett. “We sent the letters out early this week, and now we are eagerly awaiting a response.”